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Donation Requests

What is Community Cycling?

George's Cycles Community Cycling Program is designed to assist organizations, groups, schools, etc in promoting cycling as a fun and healthy activity. We are passionate about the benefits of riding bicycles, and we have supported cycling in many ways over our 40 year history.

During this time we have learned that while we cannot satisfy the 2000+ donation requests we receive each year, we can still do everything we can to make a positive contribution in our community. We strive to promote cycling awareness through promoting cycling events and activities and we volunteer our time to bicycle themed fund raising events. We also have a limited budget for public donations, and in some cases can provide discounted and/or complimentary products for use in generating revenue for your organizations cause, i.e. silent auctions and raffles.

If your organization is interested in participating in our Community Cycling Program, a representative will need to supply the information requested in the form below. If you do not receive a response, please try again with us next year as available funds go quickly. Thank you and good luck with your event or organization.