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Introducing George's Cycles Pro Cycling Team  


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 – Your Exclusive Local Professional Cycling Team!

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Justin Rose

Justin started racing in 2005 and is back for his 4th season with the George’s squad. He loves any race from a parking lot crit to a long gravel ride to a 5 day stage race. You’ll often find him at the back of the pack (purely to optimize GoPro footage). He grew up in Pocatello but has lived in Denver, Lexington, KY and Boise and enjoys the diversity of bike riding in Boise.  In his spare time, he’s probably eating pie, drinking bourbon, or working his day job as an ER doc.  

Matt Hepworth

Matt was born and raised in Boise but cut his teeth racing while living in San Francisco. After 11 years going to school and working in California, Matt returned to Boise and linked up with Team George’s Cycles. When off the bike Matt works in clean energy technology. Growing up, he biked around town with his friends, usually wearing swimsuits and sandals so they could jump in the river. When he started passing the dudes on the road wearing Lycra it dawned on him he might actually be fast. 

Alex Martinek

Alex is a Spokane native, but moved from Colorado to Boise in 2018. Alex found his spirit animal in the mountains outside Durango, the Rocket Sloth. He says, “It’s just a sloth on a rocket ship. I think it really embodies who I am. I don’t take a lot of things very seriously, but I really like going fast.” In Alex’s first season racing a bike he got yelled at… a lot. Didn’t win anything. But he realized he loved watching others suffer. “There’s no socially acceptable way to make others suffer at work, so I’m forced to ride my bike.” Alex was a professional swim coach with athletes competing at Olympic Trials and Junior World Championships. He now runs a small commercial cleaning business named after no one in particular, “Bob Cleaning Co.”  

Rachael Tatko

Rachael is a Boise native who started cycling in 2018. Off to a great start, she shattered her jaw in a bike crash and enjoyed smoothies for 6 weeks with it wired shut. Despite this, she stuck with triathlon and faced her fears of crashing by jumping into some regional bike races. She found, despite the anxiety, fear of death and dismemberment, that as long as the race went uphill it wasn’t so bad. Rachael is currently a sports and performance dietitian with Idaho Nutrition Association as well as a professional triathlete and a cyclist on the team.  Now officially engaged to Alex Martinek!

Bogus Basin Training Rides

John Collier

John is a flatlander (Midwesterner) who recently moved to Boise after spending three years in Salt Lake City attempting to turn himself into a mountain man.  He is a recovering distance runner who discovered cycling during graduate school.  He decided to start racing after he witnessed a nasty crash in a category three criterium.  John’s other passions include backcountry and Nordic skiing, eating, hanging out in coffee shops (and making coffee at home), and trail running.  When he’s not riding a bicycle, he works for St. Luke’s Children’s as a pediatric gastroenterologist.

Sunday Rides, starting May 14th

Jeremy Ward

Jeremy has spent years honing his skills across various disciplines in the sport of cycling, including road racing, gravel racing and mountain biking. He has also ventured into the world of ultra-cycling, taking on grueling challenges such as Smoke’n’Fire 400 with enthusiasm and determination. His teammate Alex says, if you want to be half wheeled, ride tempo all day and come home 2 hours later than planned, you should always ride with Jeremy. In his rare off-the-bike hours, he works as Administrator of Finance at St. Luke’s.    

Sunday Rides, starting May 14th

Todd Meier

Todd was never really into bikes but rode one to get places. When he was in a ski wreck and broke his leg and ankle, his rehab was to train for his first ever bike race, and it was a big one.  The 24 Hours of Steamboat is a 24 hour race that he entered with his friend Jared in the Duo category.  They won!  He was hooked. Todd says he’s old enough to be the dad of most of the guys on the team, and is lucky to be able to make them laugh. He likes to think of myself as the fastest slow guy in town.

Sunday Rides, starting May 14th

John Hughes

Hailing from Spring Creek, Nevada, and currently residing in Boise, John Hughes joined the team as an 18-year-old, and is still one of the young guns on the squad. Evidence of this is his choice of Pop Tarts as fuel for long rides.  Growing up, he always fancied himself a runner; then he rode 20 miles with his dad, got his first road bike, and the rest is history as they say. When not on his bike, he can be found working on his van or studying. If it weren’t for bike racing, he’d likely spend his time hiking and running in the mountains, a hobby that he dabbles in when racing allows.

Kody King

Kody is entering into his full third race season on a road bike. An “up-and-comer” in the sport, fueled by an endurance background (semi-pro soccer) and a couple years on a BMX bike as a kid. Stage Racing is his jam but after his win in the Mens 1-2-3 category at Boise Twilight in 2023, you could say he forced us to give him a shot. His focus is on helping the team in every way possible, with his big individual goal being the TT pursuit at Nationals.  The dude just got married, has a couple Bernedoodles, sells software for Adobe when not racing bikes and like all of us, has more bikes than he needs, but that’s why he’ll fit in nicely !      

Sunday Rides, starting May 14th

Lance Wong

Lance has been racing since he was a kid. He’s just graduated from the junior field, and is coming off two top 10 finishes in the Junior Tour of Ireland.  2024 will be his 1st season with George’s. He’s not only the youngest on the team at 19, but he’s also young enough that he could be the child of  to be practically everyone on the squad.  Lance can kind of climb, but he calls himself a sprinter to preserve his ego. He’s born and raised in Boise Idaho, but is currently going to school and training in Moscow.